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अनुसूची अ VII

Taxation of vehicles for whose no seprate class is mentioned in the schedule ( vehicles with seating capacity more than 12, non transport ambulence , camper van , vehicles arrived from otherstate for temporary period )


Sr.No Unladen Weight of vehicle (ULW) Tax Rs / year.
a. Unladen weight ,less than 750 kgs. 600
b. Unladen weight ,exceeding 750 kgs, but not exceeding 1500 kgs. 800
c. Unladen weight exceeding 1500 kgs, but not exceeding 2250 kgs. 900
d. Unladen weight , exceeding 2250 kgs.& permitted to carry six or less number of person, excluding the driver 1000
e. Unladen weight , exceeding 2250 kgs  
(i) Permitted to carry more than 6 but not exceeding 12 persons , excluding the drivers for every person. 175
(ii)Permitted to carry more than 12 persons, excluding the driver, for every person. 500
या संकेतस्थळावर प्रसिध्द केलेली माहिती फक्त मार्गदर्शक स्वरूपाची आहे. कोणत्याही कायदेशीर बाबी साठी मोटार वाहन कायदा 1988 व तदनुषांगीक कायदे व नियम लागू राहतील.